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About us


StonCor Africa (Pty) Ltd is the South African operating company for RPM Performance Coatings, which has its head office in New Jersey USA. StonCor companies can be found worldwide and include StonCor Europe, StonCor Middle East, StonCor Canada. 

RPM Incorporated, our multinational holding company, achieved sales of US$5 billion in fiscal 2017.  Shares  of the company’s common stock are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol RPM, and are owned by some 550 institutional investors and 14 000 individuals.

RPM employs approximately 14 000 people worldwide and operates 139 manufacturing facilities in 27 countries, selling products in approximately 170 countries.  StonCor Africa, through the acquisition of Chemrite Coatings and Pro-Struct, have over 45 years of history in South Africa.

Business Overview

StonCor Africa's business model is centred around the provision of concrete repair products, heavy duty industrial coatings, floor coatings, waterproofing and composite structures to specialized industries on the African continent as well as the Indian Ocean Islands.

StonCor Africa's customers are served by:

  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings including Carboline, Alumanation, Mathys/Noxyde/Rust-Oleum
  • Composite Structures & Gratings including Fibergrate, Chemgrate and Kemrock
  • Fireproofing Systems including Carboline and A/D Fire.
  • Industrial and Commercial Floor Coatings including Stonhard, Carboline and Pro-Struct
  • Waterproofing Products including Tremco, Grace, Bitunil and Pro-Struct
  • Concrete Rehabilitation and Grouts including Five Star, Cortec and Pro-Struct
  • Bridge Decks and Joints by Universal Sealants and Grace
  • Carbon Fibre Laminates for structural strengthening.

Key Considerations

Quality Certification

StonCor Africa has been accredited with the prestigious and coveted ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification.  The company has been assessed and certified as meeting the stringent requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for its Quality Management System.

Strong, well respected brands in the market

The brands that StonCor Africa distributes commands a strong market presence both nationally and internationally.  These brands are well respected and highly regarded in the various industries that they service.

Highly experienced and knowledgeable technical staff

The technical service staff at StonCor are highly skilled and extensively trained.  They collectively have a number of years of service in the industry, making them one of the most valuable assets of the Company.

The technical team works closely with experienced and approved applicators to ensure that StonCor Africa delivers a world-class product and service to all its clients.

StonCor’s customer list consist of the blue-chip companies in the industries that they service.  This bears testimony to the high quality service and product that the Company delivers and the confidence and respect that StonCor Africa commands from these high profile clients.  The clients include companies such as Anglo American, Chevron, Eskom, Sappi, Sasol to name just a few.

Access to world-class technology through holding company

StonCor Africa has access to world-class technology, which is constantly changing and improving, through our international holding company and various other international affiliates.  This enables the Company to be at the leading edge of new innovative technologies and products which further assist StonCor Africa in becoming a market leader.

StonCor Africa is mainly marketed through the specification market.  This strategy targets consulting engineers, architects, construction companies and other related entities who are generally the point of first reference on large projects.

Direct marketing to potential clients also occurs.  This includes customer training seminars targeted at specific customers.  The Company also uses trade journals, our website ( and various brochures and catalogues to promote the products and services offered.

The Sales/Marketing teams are required to generate and disseminate information on market opportunities and on competitors.  This information together with other knowledge gained from the various public sources are used to improve and innovate the services offered.

Human Resources and Operations

Management and Staff

StonCor Africa strives to be a preferred employer, creating a challenging environment that achieves and rewards high performance.  The StonCor Africa team is experienced and innovative and thrives in their environment.

It is management's view that the overall success of the business and the perception of the Company in the marketplace are dependent on the quality and calibre of staff in its employment.  Each employee has an instrumental role to play in the effective delivery of services and products, the attainment of company objectives and the continued success and growth of the business.  The table below illustrates the number of current employees and branch network: 

Staff Level
Number of staff
Office / Sales / Distribution
Quality Control
Branches throughout South Africa and Namibia, including Johannesburg Head Office

A comprehensive list of projects executed using our products and various case studies are available both on our website and additional by request.  These case histories are an exciting marketing tool in demonstrating our achievements in the market place.


StonCor Africa recognise you have a number of companies to choose from to satisfy your requirements for high performance products and technical support. Despite our impressive history of growth and success over the past + 45 years, what matters to us most is how you view us today.  Our reputation is our most valued asset and we would appreciate further presentations to yourself in order that we may answer any questions you may have on our company, product offering or technical support.


Carboline offers a comprehensive line of high performance coatings for the world's most corrosive environments. Carboline products and services are designed to satisfy customer needs through the:

  • Reduction in loss due to the effect of corrosion, erosion, abrasion, physical abuse, weather, fire, etc.
  • Provision of enhanced value due to improved appearance, improved ease of cleaning and mitigation of product contamination.
  • Contribution to improved fabrication or the structural integrity.

The Carboline team offers the most technically sound products, the highest quality in manufacturing, superior customer service, and industry leading technical service.

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Pro-Struct came into being on 3 March 1971. The founding members combined their chemical backgrounds to create a company to market protective coatings and structural adhesives based on polymers.

Today Pro-Struct offers a comprehensive line of epoxy wall coatings, chemical resistant and non-skid floor coatings, grouting compounds, tank linings, joint sealants, various bridge deck expansion joint systems, cementitious concrete repair material and waterproofing products.

The Pro-Struct team is able to provide customers with detailed specification including application methods for projects. The technical service department assist with training on site and also runs training workshops at our premises for contracts before installation commences.

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For more than 85 years Stonhard is the unprecedented leader in manufacturing performance polymer floor, wall and lining systems. Stonhard's seamless, long-wearing and easy to clean flooring systems are engineered to perform in both industrial flooring and commercial flooring without sacrificing design and innovative vision.

Stonhard's floor systems cover the full spectrum of industrial and commercial applications: manufacturing, food processing, electronics / semi conductor, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and institutional. Each product line has a broad array of formulations to fit your flooring specifications and a wide selection of colors to compliment any décor.

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Fibergrate composite structures Inc. manufacturer of the Chemgrate® and Fibergrate® brands, is the inventor and world leader in molded fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating with nearly 45 years of experience in the FRP industry.

Fibergrate composite structures manufactures and sells the most complete line of high performance FRP products for industrial, commercial and recreational applications, with additional established brands including SAFE-T-SPAN®, Pultraded grating, Rigidex®, Moltruded® grating and Dynaform® structural shapes.

In addition to manufacturing a full line of proven products, the Fibergrate team also provides value-added services for its products including design, drafting and fabrication.

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