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StonChatter September 2009

Human Resources

How can I deal with conflict?

Acknowledge there is a problem. Motivate yourself to deal with conflict. Define the conflict and its underlying reasons. Plan how you are going to deal with the conflict. Implement your plan. Evaluate if the plan has worked.

How can I motivate employees?

Find out what motivates employees. Decide on action. Remove factors that de-motivate staff. Initiate change where necessary. Demonstrate support. Give feedback to employees.

Diana van Niekerk

Health and Safety

Electrical Safety

Street poleAbove all else, always assume electrical equipment, lines and conductors to be energized.

Be cautious and if you notice downed wires or damaged electrical equipment, contact the appropriate utility personnel. Remember that circuits do not always turn off when a power line falls on a tree or onto the ground. Even if they are not speaking or buzzing, fallen power lines can kill if touched.

Downed wires can energize other objects, including fences, water pipes, bushes and trees, buildings and other electrical utilities.

Michael Makuwa

A few words from Caren in Namibia...

Caren with her childrenCaren got married to Guilliaume on the 3rd of July. She has two sons – Brandon, 12years 8 months and Daniel, 1year 7months. Caren was born in Walvis Bay – moved with her family to Cape Town and back to Walvis Bay when she was 16 years old, and has been there ever since.

She believes to live for God... "We live by faith not by sight, without God I cannot cope. "
Caren’s biggest passion is: "Helping those in need... "if I haven’t made a difference then this life was for nothing"
Her motto in life? "Faith, hope, love and praise God."

What to do after retirement?
"Relax and give thanks to God for still being there to enjoy this life."
How do you see your future?
"Only God's plan – to be blessed."
Sum yourself up in one sentence:
"Caring, loving, compassionate, understanding, forgiving."


Congratulations to Alan and Henriette with the birth of baby Jonathan!

Alan, Henriette and baby Jonathan

New Employees

Susan - Assistant Accountant
Ivy - Data Capturer

Author:   Tania Henderson

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