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StonChatter First Quarter 2010

 StonCor Africa


  • Congratulations to Gavin, Amrand and Renee with their new born babies.
  • New fingerprint access systems implemented at the warehouse, lab, reception and admin offices.
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Cronje and Leandra whom both recently got married.
  • Jonh Stamer was appointed as National Sales Manager for Pro-Struct. Congratulations Jonathan!
  • Jan Matlala has achieved 30 years service with StonCor Africa. Congratulations Jan and thank you for the excellent example that you have set as an employee of our Company. Your contribution to the success of our business is much appreciated.

Human Resources

MarkQuality, price, delivery speed and reliability, flexibility and innovation are key operational requirements to ensure that our Company remains the best in our Industry.  Our production department started training sessions (every morning) where all these critical operational functions are discussed and where skills and knowledge are shared and transferred amongst the staff.  Together with Mark's operational responsibilities, he initiated and implemented this exercise with exceptional results.  Employees are gaining valuable knowledge and positive feedback has been received.

World Class Manufacturing priorities covered during these sessions:

  • Active, Re-active, Pro-Active.
  • Value Adding Chain.
  • Bottom Line Erosion.
  • What is Bottom-line.
  • How to do a Budget.
  • Measuring and Eliminating Waste.
  • The Spirit of Teams.
  • Building a Positive Team.
  • Problem Solving for Continuous Improvements.
  • Visual Performance Measurement.
  • Productive Team Meetings.
  • Communication.
  • Change and Conflict.
  • Building a Positive Attitude.
  • Planning Personal and Professional Goals.
  • How to cope with rejection and failure.
  • Understanding body language.
  • The DISC personality system.
  • How to work alongside someone you don’t agree with.
  • What can I do to improve my working conditions.
  • Using the mind as a powerful tool.
  • Caring for other peoples’ feelings and emotions.
  • Time Management.
  • Letting the past go and focusing on the future.

Mark has invited all employees to join his morning sessions. WELL DONE MARK!

George in the USA

Our technical manager, George Tweedy visited the USA in February, to gain knowledge on the latest trends in concrete repair, flooring and steel protection.  His trip took him to Las Vegas, St. Louis and to Philadelphia.

In Sin City he attended “The World of Concrete”, which is a construction show for the concrete and masonry industry.  There are 1300 indoor / outdoor exhibitors from material handling, trucks, excavators and concrete placement companies to concrete repair and demolition operations, featuring surface preparation and product application equipment, etc. George attended 3 hour daily lecture sessions on decorative concrete surface preparation, concrete repair and “how to fix moisture problems in concrete floors”.  He participated in demonstration shows on polishing concrete and the latest techniques in the application of various types of overlays.

St. LouisThen it was on to Carboline’s R&D facility in St. Louis where we have laboratories full of scientists developing materials to protect steel structures from corrosion, abrasion chemical attack & fire.  Carboline is bursting with technology to take us, as leaders in corrosion control, into the future.

He finally got himself, after fighting snow blizzards and airport officials to Stonhard’s head office in Maple Shade, just outside Philadelphia.  Stonhard have been world leaders in polymer floor systems for more than 85 years.  They have over 200 application teams worldwide, installing a whole array of different floor systems, with major focus on developing floors, which are energy saving and sustainable.  Stonhards' global mission “To protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint” is a personal quest embraced by Stonhard employees as individuals, as well as a unified corporate commitment.

Blizzard!Stonhard has eliminated the use of regulated heavy metals in pigments and aggregates, with 90% of all new products developed being either water based urethanes, 100% solid epoxy systems or rapidly renewable ergo-based materials e.g. Soya beans, caster oil, cashew nuts and citrus oils.  New products in the pipeline for us are Stonres, a seamless resilient floor, which is sound reducing, and Stonchem, a high performance lining system, which offers 6 different resin chemistries to provide long term protection for corrosive environments under extreme physical conditions. 

There is no doubt in George’s mind that we have, at our fingertips, the best support with technology 2nd to none, to help us reach our R500M short term goal.

Health and Safety


It is not expected of the employer to take sole responsibility for health and safety. The Act is based on the principle that dangers in the workplace must be addressed by communication and co-operation between the workers and the employer. The workers and the employer must share the responsibility for health and safety in the workplace. Both parties must pro-actively identify dangers and develop measures to make the workplace safe. In this way, the employer and the workers are involved in a system where health and safety representatives may inspect the workplace regularly and then report to a health and safety committee, who in turn may submit recommendations to the employer. To ensure that this system works, every worker must know his or her rights and duties as contained in the Act.

Author:   Tania Henderson

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